Accredited ASTM E336 Field Test



North Orbit Acoustic Laboratories provides independent, accredited ASTM E336 field testing services. 

Accredited ASTM E336 - Standard Test Method for Measurement of Airborne Sound Attenuation between Rooms in Buildings. NOAL is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited through A2LA Certificate 4240.01.

Sound transmission loss tests are performed per a stringent protocol established by The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). North Orbit performs these tests in accordance with ASTM and is fully accredited by A2LA. The result of the ASTM E336 test can be expressed in the form of many sound transmission loss metrics, including a reportable ASTC rating (apparent sound transmission class).


ASTM E336 is conducted on any two-room pair in an interior part of a building where one room is designated the source room and the other is designated the receiver room. NOAL technicians arrive on site with precise, calibrated instruments. Loud noise is created by a reference sound source which produces a continuous sound stream in the source room. In the receiving room, sound levels are measured and essentially subtracted from the sound levels in the source room. The difference represents the transmission loss value or ASTC value. The process for obtaining these numbers in the laboratory, rather than in the field, is described by ASTM E90.


ASTM E336 is used when a quantifiable sound transmission loss rating is needed to satisfy a third-party requirement, or when no lab data is available. An ASTC rating can be used to ensure compliance with a building code or other third-party requirements, and as a marketing tool to establish a competitive advantage.


Sound transmission loss testing results can be used by architects, builders, and construction companies to ensure code or other third-party compliance. Building material manufacturers need the data to provide their customers with accurate information regarding their materials and assemblies made with their materials. Acoustical consultants use the data to make accurate predictions of sound levels the occupants or active or passive listeners will hear on opposite sides of partitions under specific noise conditions. 

ASTM E336 sound transmission loss tests and ASTC results are used in the architectural, engineering, building code/inspection, gypsum wallboard, masonry, window, door, insulation, glass, and other panel industries to name a few.


With 30 years of experience in acoustical testing and consulting, NOAL provides “above and beyond” service by interpreting, diagnosing and problem solving your specific sound issues. NOAL's hard-working team is easy to work with and takes pride in making your job go smoothly.